I am an artist and independent arts producer involved in a wide range of cross disciplinary collaboration, interactive and group-working projects. 

Since 2013 I run Music Hackspace, a London platform, community and space for experimenting and interacting with sound and technology. We incorporate diverse methodologies and aim to create an open playground and exchange of ideas and sounds that embraces new and old technologies. Newly available open source platforms, both hardware and software, are granting far wider accessibility to new interactions with music and audio than has not been possible before. It’s with these technologies that we base our programme of workshops, artist talks and meetups, and hope to encourage people of all backgrounds and skill levels to create and engage with music in previously unrealised ways. Music Hackspace is a Somerset House Studios Resident and is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. 

Outside Music Hackspace, I am deeply involved in the sound art world, helping leading practitioners realise their projects through project management and fundraising, producing exhibitions and events for organisations like Victoria & Albert Museum, Barbican Centre, NIME 2014 Conference at Goldsmiths University and TedX among other.