Music Hackspace is a London based community for artists, innovators, entrepreneurs and hobbyists passionate about music, art and technology, organising regular Artist Talks, DIY workshops and other events for artists, innovators and entrepreneurs to share knowledge, technologies, processes and aesthetics relating to music and audio. 

The aim of the programme is to help participants learn new skills and provide a platform for artists and professionals to share their work within the music, music tech and sonic art fields. Its community embodies the “maker movement” nurturing a strong DIY ethos. Music Hackspace aims to create opportunities for passionate people who want to make an impact in music with their particular set of skills and to provide a space and context where people can get inspired, share and promote their work. Programmed events and regular activities foster innovation by gathering skilled professionals and facilitating exchanges between disciplines, from software development to music/sound art installations and production.

On a broader scale Music Hackspace wishes to promote a wider integration into society of hacking culture and music technology, breaking down some of the perceived, and real, barriers to participation – so that hacking is seen as relevant and accessible to a wider reach audience. This also extends to the arts practice, which Music Hackspace promotes and engages to broader sections of society.

Music Hackspace is currently hosted at LimeWharf in East London.