'quite-slight' was an exhibition of sound related art works that took take place at the Arbeit Gallery in East London. The exhibition was curated by the sound art collective thickear. 

The Arbeit Gallery is not a pristine white cube exhibition space. It is an informal setting, home to a small number of studio spaces, not hermetically isolated from environmental sounds or appropriate for blacking-out.

'quite-slight' is more a response to its habitat than a shoehorning of inappropriate works into a preexiting site. It is as much a statement of intent than a post facto pronouncement. 'quite', meaning - to the utmost (when spoken, the meaning can vary with the tone of voice). 'slight', meaning - to a small degree.

Discrete works, some silent, some occurring sporadically, perhaps faint and minimal, reect the choice of this double gestured title.

The title 'quite-slight' has a twofold consonance. In textual terms it is the recurrence of similar sounds, especially those at the end of a word. In music, the combination of notes that are in harmony with each other due to the relationship between their frequencies.
This exhibition attempts a certain harmony with the space it inhabits, accepting its locale, the occasional noise of the coffee machine and low hum from the overhead fan heaters.

'quite-slight' does not attempt to foist upon the space, but cohabits, being heard amongst these sounds, and seen subject to the natural illumination from the glassed ceilings quiet-lights.