This Floating World is a dance solo performed in an interactive environment of computer generated visuals and sound, for artist Tim Murray-Browne and dance artist Jan Lee, using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and with support from Sound and Music, Syracusae Studios and Queen Mary University London.

This Floating World is a journey of building and dismantling the self. It explores the different ways we define ourselves and how this shapes our relationships with those around us. The piece is inspired by vines whose form is cast by the buildings against which they grow, and riverbeds that both guide and are moulded by the water they carry.

The dancer’s movement on stage is tracked using a 3D camera. Custom software analyses this movement. In combination with live input from a nearby laptop, this generates visuals for the onstage projection and modulates the musical score.

The work has been showcased in London in Arebyte Gallery (Hackney Wick), The Place theatre as part of Resolution! festival (Bloomsbury), Tripsace Studios (Haggerston) and Number 90 bar (Hackney Wick). 

Work in progress teaser.